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 By: Mark Norris
 Published: Oct 27 2016

On June 13, 1985, St. Nicholas Catholic Church’s newly formed Haitian Outreach Ministry had its first gathering. Our twin parish is St. Anne’s in Maissade, Haiti. It is one of the oldest twinning relationships in the diocese of Richmond.

In 2005 the idea for a Sustainable “Farm Project” in Maissade was born. It is used as a production/training farm. St. Nicholas offered up the deed for the land in an effort to get a matching grant to kick off the project. The project is a joint effort between Virginia Tech., USAID, the diocese of Richmond and Caritas Hinche. To date, a storage facility, a road to the farm, fencing around a portion of the farm and a tilapia pond has been completed.

To this day the people of Haiti witness a profoundly rich faith in the risen Jesus and an understanding of a God who is always there for them through good times and bad times. For them faith is beyond denominational purity. Their faith rests in the arms of God. A faith which trusts today and accepts tomorrow. Their faith continues to inspire us at St. Nicholas and motivates us to work hard in our twinning work with them.


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